Módulo 6-‘Glocal’ theatre? Local and Global perspectives in transnational theatre initiatives (Szabolcs Musca)

This seminar will focus on international theatre festivals and cross-national theatre collaborations. Drawing on a wide range of examples, these international platforms will be presented as shared cultural spaces where national and cultural differences are negotiated and where cultural value systems interact and being exchanged. Both international festivals and partnerships establish translocal and transnational identities by encouraging artistic and cultural exchanges. Consequently, they have a development function on artistic, local and national levels resulting in new artistic methodologies, urban regeneration and national cultural branding. All these outcomes nevertheless, raise concerns and tensions between local and global values and communities. We will reflect on these aspects of theatrical exchange arguing towards the importance of a hybrid (European) theatrical space and theatrical community. It will also be highlighted the social function of partnerships and festivals as places of debate and we will critically reflect on the creation of a “global theatrical communities” that emerges from both forms of these ever -growing international platforms.

The participants of this seminar will be encouraged to present and critically approach transnational theatre initiatives such as international festivals, transnational or multinational theatre productions. The discussions will be focused on the dramaturgies of negotiation between local and global perspectives. The seminar will include discussion on the reading material provided and various images and video excerpts.

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