Módulo 7-‘J’existe!’ Ethics and Aesthetics of migrant representation in contemporary theatre (Szabolcs Musca)

This seminar explores emerging dramaturgies of migrant representations on the contemporary stages and its potential aesthetic and socio-cultural impacts on the national theatre ecologies in shaping the reception of migrant cultures and integrating migrant perspectives in the larger society. During the seminar we will discuss theatre productions created by/with/about migrants, presenting migrant theatre not only as a cultural and political practice, but as a creative device in altering the perception of non-European migrants and migrant cultures. We will look at diverse narratives on migration and the artistic and social possibilities of enhanced involvement of the larger civil society. We will reflect on current theatrical discourses such as ‘crisis narratives’ of migration (framed either as ‘security crisis or ‘humanitarian emergency’) and will look at considerations on migratory flows as structural components of contemporary societies rather than temporary challenges. We will try to map and reflect on the ethics and aesthetics of representations of translocal identities on stage, ultimately influencing the reception of migrant cultures.

This seminar will use short videos of contemporary theatre productions as well as references from popular culture regarding migration. A seminar discussion will be built based on the reading list and the audio-visual materials. While the seminar will focus on theatrical representations of the subject matter, it is also important to link the themes to a larger social, political and cultural context as well as personal memories.

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